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RapidFire Delivers In-Game Ad Campaign for McDonalds’ Big Mac Hunt Promo

Starting January 6th, 2014 and running until January 31st, 2014, RapidFire ran the dynamic in-game advertising (DIGA) campaign for McDonald’s, promoting the ‘Big Mac Hunt’ in Germany.

DIGA is the type of in-game advertising that can be served in real-time inside of console and computer video games. Dynamic in-game ads are commonly featured on billboards, hoardings, and posters situated throughout game’s virtual 3D environment.

Not only is McDonald’s well-known for being the World’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, but they’re also well known for being one of the most innovative and effective advertisers of any brand in the World. It comes to no surprise then, that they’ve jumped on board with RapidFire’s renowned platform for advertising inside of video games. McDonald’s ‘Big Mac Hunt’ campaign promoted a fun activity across Germany where people could scan QR codes on various adverts such as TV commercials, Bus Stops, etc, for a chance to win Big Mac’s. The in-game ads that ran on RapidFire’s network, heavily featured QR codes where gamer’s could use their smartphones to scan their TV or computer screens while playing.

Using our proprietary ad serving technology, we were able to geo-target the ‘Big Mac Hunt’ campaign (based on a gamer’s IP address) to the German market. Our network happens to have significant reach in the German market, with regards to both ad impression and unique gamers.

Working closely with McDonald’s media buying agency, OMD, we delivered the campaign across five of our blockbuster PC and Console video game titles. One of the campaign’s many strengths, was the innovative QR codes that were utilized in the campaign. It helped add a form of measurement and direct response that normally wouldn’t be included in a standard brand awareness campaign.

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