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Debonairs Pizza Uses In-Game Advertising to Promote Amazing Kitchen Campaign

From December 1st, 2013 through to February 17th, 2014, we’ll be running the Dynamic In-Game Advertising (DIGA) campaign for Debonairs Pizza, spreading the word about their brand new Amazing Kitchen.

DIGA is the type of in-game advertising that can be served in real-time inside of Console, Computer, and Mobile video games. Dynamic in-game ads are commonly featured on billboards, hoardings, and posters situated throughout virtual 3D game environments. For example, think of a video game that takes place in a Soccer Stadium or in Times Square – you’d expect to see real-life advertisements in these virtual environments – so that’s exactly what our company delivers!

For those that don’t already know, Debonairs Pizza is one of the largest chains of Pizza restaurants in Africa and the Middle East. Their new ‘Amazing Kitchen’ promo coincides with their hit TV commercial launched in early December, which highlights the kitchen where their amazing pizzas are created.

Using our proprietary ad serving technology, we were able to geo-target the Debonairs Pizza campaign (based on a gamer’s IP address) to the South African market. Our network happens to have an impressive reach in the South African market, with regards to both ad impressions and unique gamers.

Working closely with Deboanirs Pizza’s media buying agency, we delivered the campaign across two of our blockbuster video game titles. One of the campaign’s many strengths, was the fantastic banners developed by Debonair’s creative team – the ad imagery was created specifically for In-Game Advertising, and was highly visible while being displayed on various billboards and hoardings within our network of games. This helped tremendously with raising brand awareness, and enabling gamers to have a much higher recall rate.

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