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What Constitutes an Ad Impression for Dynamic In-Game Advertising

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen an increase in the number of advertisers asking us to clarify, what criteria must be met for an impression to be registered in Dynamic In-Game Advertising. This is a fantastic question, and we’re happy to outline this here.

Firstly though, we’ll briefly explain what Dynamic In-Game Advertising (DIGA) is, to those that don’t know. DIGA is a type of in-game advertising that takes the form of billboards or posters in video games, most commonly video games for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC platforms. These billboards within the video game are displayed to gamers while playing over the internet, hence they can be updated in real-time, geo-targeted, and enjoy similar functionalities as online banner advertising. DIGA operates on a CPM bases, which means advertisers are charged for every 1000 impressions served.

The common question we get asked by advertisers with regards to Dynamic In-Game Advertising, is if we drive past a billboard for example, and the billboard is either out in the distance or at an awkward angle, does this still count as an impression?

The simple answer to this question is no.

There is a detailed and important set of guidelines that we adhere to from the IAB, and among these guidelines there are several specific to in-game ad impressions. Here are the main points:

– The minimum exposure time of an ad that can contribute to the cumulative Ad Impression threshold must be a continuous exposure of one-half (0.5) seconds or more

– The ad must be a minimum of 1.5% of screen coverage. This addresses any issues surrounding distance from the billboard

– Only ads that are visible within the virtual game environment with sufficient lighting during darkness should be counted

– The angle of the ad must be no greater than 55 degrees relative to the game screen. This addresses awkward angles where the billboard isn’t completely in the field of view

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