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RapidFire Featured in Official PlayStation Magazine UK

This past Friday, PlayStation Magazine UK published a terrific and detailed article on the current value of the In-Game Advertising industry, and why brands & media buyers are investing over $1 Billion dollars annually on reaching this audience.

And why wouldn’t they? – industry analysts have conservatively estimated that over 70% of the World’s population play video games, and the gaming industry as a whole is worth more than $100 Billion Worldwide. All that being said, it’s pretty obvious and makes perfect sense to put advertising dollars where the consumers flock.

For those of you that don’t already know, Official PlayStation Magazine UK (or OPM for short), is a magazine based in the UK that covers primarily Sony PlayStation related news, as well as general industry news that may relate directly/indirectly to the Sony PlayStation platforms.

In the article, our staff at RapidFire were heavily quoted as industry veterans, and we shared our insight and knowledge about the future of In-Game Advertising and how it might affect games being released on the highly anticipated PlayStation 4.

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