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RapidFire Delivers In-Game Ad Campaign for Oxford’s Big Project

‘Have you got a BIG project? Something that’s ambitious? Life-changing? A cool scheme for you and your crew to have a blast? We want to hear about it. So get your friends together, because you’ll soon be able to sign up for Oxford’s Big Project.’

The snippet above is the innovative message behind Oxford’s latest promo called ‘The Big Project’. For those unfamiliar – Oxford is one of the World’s leading providers of office and school paper products; putting notebooks, notepads, and diaries into the hands of millions around the World.

With a target demographic of predominantly teens and young adults, what better way to reach these individuals and spread the word about ‘The Big Project’, than advertising inside of video games?

…So that’s just what we did!
Starting on October 21st, 2013 and running until December 1st, 2013, we ran the dynamic in-game advertising for Oxford, delivering across several action and sports video game titles. The ads were delivered in real-time, and were geo-targeted to the Polish market.

Based on the feedback of several surveyed gamers, the majority actually liked the advertisements in the game, and felt that the ads made the game look more realistic. Additionally, recall rates were higher versus other areas of exposure to the campaign, such as on Facebook or through online display advertising.

To learn more about in-game advertising, or to start a campaign, feel free to reach out to us!:

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