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Can In-Game Advertising Positively Affect your Brain?

Okay, not specifically In-Game Advertising, but Video Gaming in general has recently been researched to see the affects it has on the brain.

A neuroscientist from the University Of Geneva by the name of Daphne Bavelier, has conducted extensive research that suggests video gaming can actually improve brain function.

Now, if only I had a penny for everytime that I’ve heard things like “video gaming will rot your brain” or “playing video games is bad for you”…

Bavelier’s research has shown that playing video games can make people faster, smarter, and can help people focus better.

Below is a link to an 18 minute video of Daphne Bavelier presenting at a TED conference. It’s definitely worth a watch, and it has an astounding 300k+ views as of today.

I guess one can now argue that In-Game Advertising is then beneficial to gamers?

How many advertising channels can boast this feat?!!

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