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An overview of Google In-Game Advertising

We’ve been getting a few questions and inquiries lately with regards to Google’s in-game advertising services, and how it compares and contrasts with the services we offer here at RapidFire. In short there’s quite a bit of difference, but at the same time there is also some overlap too. We thought we’d explain it further though, in a blog entry.

For those of you who may not be fully aware, Google offers an in-game ad service that operates in a similar fashion to its online advertising network. How it works is, the game developers/publishers must integrate the ability to have ad placements in their games, and upon joining Google’s in-game ad network, they have the ability to be compensated for ads served through the Adsense program. Advertisers can then tap into this network through the Google In-Game Advertising website.

The majority, if not all of the games within the Google network are limited to web based games, such as flash or social games for example. Google’s network does not include big name console games for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, ect. Nor does it offer Advergaming or Static In-Game Advertising.

RapidFire on the other hand, is not an in-game advertising network, but rather an in-game advertising agency. We specialize in managing and executing in-game advertising campaigns on behalf of clients, therefore we’re able to offer a larger variety of in-game advertising services and avenues. (ie RapidFire does offer Advergaming and Static In-Game Advertising among others).

Where Google’s and RapidFire’s paths cross, is we often manage various campaigns for clients of ours, utilizing the Google In-Game Advertising network. It is a very good alternative to console based in-game advertising, as it often turns out to be more cost effective and can cater to companies with lower to moderate budgets.

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