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A Few In-Game Advertising Examples

For those of you unfamiliar with In-Game Advertising, there are actually several types. In short, the types are Dynamic In-Game Advertising, Console Integration, Static In-Game Advertising, and Advergaming.

Dynamic In-Game Advertising and Console Integration are by far the more popular types, as they both allow for geo-targeting and real-time implementation into video games.

Below we’re going to sum up each type of In-Game Advertising, and give a few screenshot examples. Many of these are campaigns that we’ve run here at RapidFire.

Dynamic In-Game Advertising (DIGA)

DIGA takes the form of billboards, banners, and posters situated throughout games, that can be updated with ads in real-time. DIGA also enjoys many of the benefits of Online Display Advertising, such as geo-targeting and CPM based price models. DIGA ads can be found in console video games, mobile games, and browser/flash games.

Below is a campaign we ran for AEG Live, promoting a concert tour for recording artist Wiz Khalifa. These ads were able to be geo-targeted and scheduled to run over a pre-specified period.

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Console Integration

Advertising that takes place within consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The ads most commonly take the form of ’tiles’ that can then be clicked-on and activated, bringing the user to a micro-site or custom virtual environment. Console Integration ads can be geo- targeted, age targeted, and needs very little preparation time.

Below are several examples of ads within the Xbox 360 console. Some of the campaigns include Starbucks and Red Bull.

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Static In-Game Advertising

Static In-Game Advertising is similar to product placement in movies and t.v. These ads are implemented into the games during the development of the games, and can’t be inserted in real- time. Static ads do allow more customized integration into the game’s storyline, and allows the gamer to interact with the advertisement in the game, which can then build more of an affinity towards the product.

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Advergames are custom games built for the sole purpose of promoting a company, product, or brand.

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