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Checked out our Company Flickr Page Yet?

If you haven’t checked out our Flickr page yet, you’re missing out on a fantastic resource. Our Flickr page is jammed packed full of great In-Game Advertising examples.

The goal was to setup a visual tool that could be used to learn more about the different In-Game Advertising types, and provide examples of some In-Game Ad campaigns that we’ve run here at RapidFire.

We’ve conveniently created albums/sets for each In-Game Advertising type, and campaigns that we’ve run, which makes it extremely easy to navigate the screenshots and images.

As a reminder, the types of In-Game Advertising are Dynamic In-Game Advertising, Static In-Game Advertising, Console Integration, and Advergaming.

Take a look around our Flickr page, and feel free to connect with us by adding us as a contact:

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RapidFire Launches Its Own Targeted Google Adwords Campaign

If you haven’t seen RapidFire on the Google Search or Display network yet, then keep your eyes peeled.

This past week we launched our own internal advertising campaign utilizing the various Google Adwords channels. We’ll be promoting our Dynamic In-Game Advertising, Static In-Game Advertising, and Console Integration services on Google search. We’ll also be running a highly targeted branding and awareness campaign on the display network.

As a reminder, we also have an ongoing Facebook advertising campaign that we launched a couple weeks ago, as well as campaign growing our YouTube presence.

All this advertising is just another step in our goal of becoming the undisputed leader in the In-Game Advertising industry. If we haven’t achieved it already, then we’re pretty close!

To learn more about RapidFire Advertising, or to start an In-Game Advertising campaign, contact us at:

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RapidFire Launches Facebook Ad Campaign

If you’re in the advertising or media buying industry, keep your eyes peeled on Facebook.

This post here isn’t about a campaign that we’ve delivered for someone else, rather it’s an internal campaign that we’re running here at RapidFire in hopes of building our own Social Media following.

Yes…even we need Social Media followers too! 🙂

Over the next several months we plan to grow our various essential social media channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+,  etc. You can start helping us out, by checking out some of our pages below:


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RapidFire Launches Official YouTube Channel

RapidFire launches company YouTube channel, to host in-game advertising clips, and campaign videos


Vancouver, BC – October 30, 2012: RapidFire, a leading in-game advertising company, announced today the launch of a YouTube Channel that will provide regular content such as video blogs, campaign clips, and in-game advertising examples.

The YouTube channel will be a great resource for potential clients, as well as members of the in-game advertising industry. It will also be a fantastic tool to help educate both gamers, or anyone else wanting to see video examples of in-game advertising in action.

In-Game Advertising is unique compared to other forms of advertising, in that it’s widely embraced by gamers and members of the community, due to the fact that it adds realism to the games, and complements the gaming industry’s always improving graphics.

The Youtube channel is just the latest addition to RapidFire’s already robust social media arsenal, which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Flickr.

“Social Media is such an important asset to any company wanting to connect, build, and maintain relationships with both customers and community members,” says Jordan L. Howard, the 22 year old Founder and President. “YouTube makes perfect sense for us to showcase the effectiveness of in-game advertising, as screenshots which we rely heavily on, don’t always give the ads justice.”

The service that will benefit most from video content will be dynamic in-game advertising, as these ads take place within fast paced, moving video game environments. RapidFire offers dynamic in-game advertising to companies and brands looking to get their ads in video games.

About RapidFire RapidFire is a World leading in-game advertising company, specializing in the delivery of complex advertising campaigns geared towards the highly elusive, yet captive video game playing demographic. RapidFire offers a variety of in-game advertising services, including dynamic in-game advertising, static in-game advertising, advergames, and most recently console integration.

About Dynamic In-Game Advertising Dynamic in-game advertising is a type of in-game advertising that can be delivered within console, mobile, or flash games. It’s popularly seen within Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games, taking the form of predetermined billboards or posters. The ads can be geo-targeted and updated in real-time to accommodate time-sensitive advertising campaigns.

For more information about RapidFire, please visit:

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RapidFire adds Console Integration to list of In-Game Advertising Services

RapidFire now offers advertising within the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

10/03/2012 – Vancouver, BC – RapidFire, a leading in-game advertising company, announced today the addition of console integration to their current list of in-game advertising services. RapidFire will work with advertisers on delivering ads within console gaming platforms, such as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Although not technically an in-game advertising channel, console integration provides an equally engaging way of reaching the video game playing demographic.

Console integrated ads take the form of square tiles within the console dashboards. These tiles can then be clicked-on and activated to take users to micro-sites or custom virtual environments. These micro-sites can easily utilize company’s promotional assets, such as videos or creatives.

“Console Integration is such a fantastic and exciting service we’ve added to our company”,says Jordan L.Howard,the 22 year old Founder and President. “The ads can be geo-targeted, age-targeted, day-parted…the possibilities are truly endless with these powerful, 7th generation consoles”.

About RapidFire

RapidFire is a leading in-game advertising company, specializing in managing and facilitating complex campaigns geared towards the highly elusive, yet captive video game playing demographic. RapidFire offers a variety of in-game advertising services, including dynamic in-game advertising, static in-game advertising, advergames, and most recently console integration.

For more information about RapidFire, please visit:

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RapidFire Delivers In-Game Ad Campaign for English Rock Band “Muse”

Starting September 24th, 2012 and running until October 14th, 2012, we ran the Dynamic In-Game Advertising campaign for Warner Bros. Records one of the largest record labels in the World.

The campaign was promoting the album called “The 2nd Law” by English band “Muse”. The campaign geo-targeted UK only, and ran in various games for the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles.

For more information on the Muse/Warner Bros. Records campaign visit:

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RapidFire Delivers Hankook Tire’s Mobile In-Game Advertising Campaign

Starting September 1st, 2012 and running until November 30th, 2012, we will be delivering the Dynamic In-Game Advertising campaign for Hankook Tire’s hit promotion “Great Hits 2012”.

Hankook Tire, based out of Seoul, South Korea, is a World leading manufacturer of automotive tires. The campaign will run in Racing and Driving games only, for the Mobile and Flash gaming platforms.


The type of in-game advertising being utilized for this campaign is Dynamic In-Game Advertising, which can be delivered across Console, Mobile, and Flash gaming platforms. Because this campaign is targeting an older demographic, it’s been decided to run the campaign in just games for the Mobile and Flash platform, leaving out the younger Console (Xbox 360 & PS3) gamers.

With Dynamic In-Game Advertising, we will be able to swap out and change banners in real-time if necessary, to accommodate a change in messaging from month-to-month. Geo-targeting is also an option with Dynamic In-Game Advertising.


For more information on the Hankook Tire campaign visit:

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UK Rapper ‘Plan B’ Promotes New Album Inside Video Games

Starting July 23rd, 2012 and running until Aug 15th, 2012, RapidFire Advertising will be running the in-game advertising campaign for Atlantic Records’ artist ‘Plan B’.

The campaign is for Plan B’s new album ‘Ill Manors’, and the ads can be seen running throughout various games for the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. The ads are scheduled to run in Fight Night Champion, and NBA Jam.


There are a few types of in-game advertising, and the Plan B campaign is set to Dynamic In-Game Advertising. Dynamic In-Game Advertising is one of the most popular in-game ad options, where ads are displayed throughout billboards and other placements, and can be inserted and removed in real time. – Hence the ability to run the Plan B campaign over a 2 week period.

For more information on the ‘Plan B’ campaign visit:

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3 Key Reasons Why Dynamic In-Game Advertising Should be an Ongoing Advertising Channel

If your company or brand’s target demographic is between the ages of 7-35 (male and female), then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be considering Dynamic In-Game Advertising as an ongoing advertising channel. Below we’ve outlined 3 key reasons why Dynamic In-Game Advertising should be included in your month-to-month digital marketing plan.

Just to summarize briefly

Dynamic In-Game Advertising is just one of a few types of in-game advertising, but is arguably the most popular type. In short, it can be described as advertising integrated inside video games that can be implemented, updated, and/or changed in real-time. It popularly takes the form of predetermined placements such as billboards, posters,and banners within games. It’s great for advertisers running a promotion or a time sensitive campaign, as the ease of setting-up and implementing can be compared to that of an online advertising campaign. The avenues of delivery will typically include hit games for Console (Xbox 360, PS3, etc), Mobile (iOS and Android), and Flash platforms.

1. It’s targeted. 

There’s a very common misconception that in-game advertising is targeted towards predominantly males, but study after study suggests otherwise. It’s important to note that Dynamic In-Game Advertising comes in 3 forms, which noted above are Console, Mobile, and Flash platforms. Both Mobile and Flash Games believe it or not, happen to be played predominantly by females at a rate of 53% and 78% respectively! Take a look at the graphs below:


2. It’s time sensitive

As we briefly mentioned above, due to the fact that Dynamic In-Game Advertising can be updated in real-time, it can easily accommodate for a variety of campaigns ranging from seasonal promotions to 1-time campaigns.

There is often confusion between Static In-Game Advertising and Dynamic In-Game Advertising. Static In-Game Advertising is what most people picture when they think of in-game advertising. Static In-Game Advertising is the type of in-game advertising that takes the form of product placement in games, which would in fact be a 1-time integration into the game, and stay in the game unchanged forever. Don’t get these two types of in-game advertising confused!!

3. It’s quick and easy to prepare

Dynamic In-Game Advertising can be compared to online advertising with its ease of preparation. All that’s really needed, aside from paperwork being signed, are the various banners that will be placed within the games. That’s right…just simple, static banners are needed, and those get placed in various locations throughout the game. A typical turnaround time once the banners are in the publisher’s hands, is anywhere from 24-48 hours – sometimes even less!

Taking all of the above into consideration, it’s pretty clear Dynamic In-Game Advertising is a suitable digital advertising channel that can be a great addition to a company’s monthly marketing efforts, especially when the target demographic are males and females aged 7-35.

Visit or contact to get more information on Dynamic In-Game Advertising, or to get your ads in the game and start a campaign!

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