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RapidFire Delivers Dynamic In-Game Advertising Campaign for History Channel

RapidFire just wrapped up the Dynamic In-Game Advertising campaign, which promoted History Channel’s new show ‘Counting Cars’.

The campaign ran between February 15, 2013 – March 7, 2013, and we delivered the ads inside of racing and driving games for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. We were also able to effectively geo-target the UK too, for the campaign.
[AFG_gallery id=’3′] With Dynamic In-Game Advertising, the ads take the form of billboards that can be implemented in real-time, inside the video game environment. It operates on a CPM (cost per one thousand impresisons) price model, and enjoys many of the same benefits of digital display advertising, such as geo-targeting, frequency capping, and campaign reporting.

Couting Cars is a reality TV show that chronicles the daily activities at Count’s Kustoms, an automobile restoration and customization company owned and operated by Danny Koker. In a format similar to American Restoration, the series follows Koker and his staff as they restore and modify classic automobiles and motorcycles, and also documents the occasional conflict among the cast members.

For more information, or to inquire about activating a similar Dynamic In-Game Advertising campaign, contact us at:

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This past fall, ethical sports brand Luta launched in the United States. Luta is a lifestyle clothing brand and apparel company geared towards the fighting and boxing market. So what better way to reach this market, than advertising in a video game that millions of their target audience is playing!?

The campaign that Luta is running is a Dynamic In-Game Advertising campaign in the video game Fight Night Champion, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. Fight Night Champion is widely regarded as one of the best Boxing video games of all time.

The advertisements take the form of posters and banners situated throughout the video game, and are delivered in real-time to gamers who are playing with an active internet connection, in this case over Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

Below we’ll take a look at some screenshots of the ads in action.


Above, we cansee the ad against the back wall of the arena. It’s easily viewable throughout the entire match. This is meant to simulate a real-world boxing arena where there is often a heavy sponsorship presence.


In the image above, the ad takes the form of a rectangle sitting ontop of the judges table. There are eight of these ad placements surrounding the ring.

To learn more about Dynamic In-Game Advertising or to start a campaign, contact us at:

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Wiser’s Promotes New Spiced Whiskey with Xbox Live Advertising

Wiser’s has recently launched a wicked advertising campaign on Xbox Live, in which they promote their new Spiced Whiskey. The ad campaign has a lot of interesting and creative functions which includes various videos, downloads, and even several whiskey beverage recipes.

Wiser’s is a Canadian Whiskey produced by Corby Distilleries, and has roots dating back to 1857 in Prescott, Ontario. Their new Spiced Whiskey was just recently launched this past fall of 2012.

Below, we’ll walk you through the campaign and describe the fantastic aspects and functionalities.


After clicking on the Tile in the main Dashboard, Xbox Live users are taken to a virtual ‘Man Cave’ (Pictured Above), which features a billiards table, a big screen TV, and even a bar. In the virtual man cave, users have the option to click on 4 things – the Spiced Whiskey bottle, the TV, the Billiards Table, and the Laptop.


After clicking on the Spiced Whiskey bottle, users are taken to a gallery that contains several drink recipes that feature Whiskey of course (Pictured Above).


Next on the journey, users can click on the TV that’s hanging on the wall. Here, we’re taken to a gallery where we can watch three video ads (Pictured Above).


After clicking on the pool table, users are given the opportunity to download the ‘That’s Spiced Up’ theme. An Xbox Live Theme is essentially the same sort of thing as a Desktop Background on a PC.


The last function of the Wiser’s campaign, is the map where one can find the exact places to get their hands on the Spiced Whiskey. What’s cool about this map is the fact it uses geo-targeting to automatically display the appropriate region. In my case, I live in Canada, so the ad displayed a map of Canada, and also specifically Vancouver which is the city I’m from.

To learn more about Advertising on Xbox Live or to start a campaign, contact us at:

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GoPro Hero3 Advertising on Xbox Live

GoPro has recently launched a highly engaging and visual campaign on Xbox Live. The campaign is promoting it’s new GoPro Hero3 camera, which was released in November 2012.

For those of you that don’t know, GoPro is a privately owned company that features “wearable” camera/camcorders such as helmet cameras, and are used heavily by hobbyists such as Snowboarders, Skiiers, and Surfers. GoPro cameras allow these hobbyists to easily take first-person videos of these action sports, where they can then conveniently post the videos to the internet on sites like Youtube or even personal blogs.


The Xbox Live campaign offers downloadable content such as branded ‘Gamer Pictures’. Gamer Pictures can be set as profile pictures and identify individuals’ Xbox Live accounts. This in itself is a great advertising tool, as gamers will see their friends using GoPro Profile Pictures, and may be inclined to download the pictures themselves too and lean more about the brand.


The GoPro campaign is also one of the first ever to utilize the new Internet Explorer functionality on Xbox Live, which allows the ads to direct gamers/viewers to external websites. The campaign has links to the GoPro Website, Facebook Page, and Youtube Page (see above image).

To learn more about Advertising on Xbox Live or to start a campaign, contact us at

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Century 21’s Successful Facebook Game Advertising Campaign

Century 21 is just the latest of many companies to benefit from in-game advertising, and perhaps one of the first ever real-estate companies to innovatively and effectively utilize this channel. Of the many types of in-game advertising, they’ve selected the channel of Facebook In-Game Advertising.

For those of you that don’t know, Century 21 is a one of the World’s largest real estate agent franchises. There are currently over 8,000 independently owned and operated offices in more than 73 countries and territories.

Last fall Century 21 saw success utilizing Facebook game advertising, and has once again decided to do so this holiday season. From December 20, 2012 to January 9, 2013, you’ll be able to find Century 21 in the Facebook game ‘The Sims Social’. Gamers will be able to earn virtual currency by using Century 21-branded items, like a fireplace they can use to “warm” their virtual homes.


The campaign that Century 21 ran last fall in the game ‘SimCity Social’ won them a social marketing campaign award from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. That campaign generated 5.4M Century 21-branded welcome screen views, 401K Century 21 virtual buildings placed and 300K views of Century 21 video ad spots.

To learn more about In-Game Advertising, or to start a campaign, contact us at:

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RapidFire Launches Its Own Retargeting Campaign

One of my favourite favourite types of advertising is retargeting (after In-Game Advertising of course!).

This past week we launched our own retargeting campaign with the hopes of closing more deals, and bringing back the folks who cruised our site and didn’t have the good sense to contact us to learn more about In-Game Advertising.

For those of you that don’t know, retargeting is a form of display advertising that displays banner ads to people who’ve visited your website, but for whatever reason left the website. After these people leave the website, they’re then hit with your advertisements on other websites they visit – it’s basically those ads that you see, that have you asking yourself “wtf, am I being stalked”?

Consumers hate them, advertisers love them, but the end of the day though retargeting works, and that’s all that matters to us sadly. Okay we’re not that cold, we did happily update our privacy policy and are more than willing to exclude your IP address(es) if you find our ads overly annoying, all you have to do is let us know! 🙂

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Why Dynamic In-Game Advertising has a Very Bright Future

Dynamic In-Game Advertising has been around for just a handful of years, yet it’s already one of the hottest digital advertising channels around.

For those of you that don’t know, Dynamic In-Game Advertising is a type of advertising inside video games that can be implemented, updated, and/or changed in real-time. It popularly takes the form of predetermined placements such as billboards, posters, and banners within video games. It’s great for advertisers looking to geo-target their campaigns, or deliver a time sensitive promotion. The avenues of delivery will typically include hit games for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

The effectiveness of Dynamic In-Game Advertising is completely reliant on the success of the video game advertising as a whole, and it’s pretty easy to see that the video game industry is getting bigger and bigger every year. The gaming industry has grown so much over the past few years, that it’s now the largest form of entertainment in the World, having surpassed Hollywood in annual revenue.

Despite the statistics and proven effectiveness, some game developers are still hesitant to implement in-game advertising into their video games, as they fear gamers will protest the $60 price tag on the video games. You see, there is a small community of gamers that believe paying $60.00 for a video game, should exclude them from being served ads. Well, unfortunately this is quite unrealistic, as I can think of a dozen counter-examples of consumer businesses that charge for products and services, and still successfully serve ads.. For instance, I pay a large monthly fee for my TV plan and I get served commercials, or when I pay my outrageous transit fees I still get hit with ads on the subway.

As a gamer myself, I would agree with the “if I pay, then no ads” mentality if the ads were obtrusive, and ruined the overall gameplay experience. However, in-game advertising is the complete opposite of obtrusive, it actually helps add realism to the games and enhances the overall gameplay graphics.

With such a massive audience with millions of gamers, it’s clear that the in-game advertising channel is an absolute must for advertisers. And as long as game publishers continue to support in-game advertising, and it becomes the norm for publishers/game developers to jump onboard with integration, In-Game Advertising will have an incredibly bright future

To learn more about Dynamic In-Game Advertising, or to start a campaign, contact us:

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RapidFire Launches LinkedIn Advertising Campaign

Earlier this week, RapidFire launched its own Advertising campaign on LinkedIn, promoting its fantastic In-Game Advertising services.

The campaign ads, will be targeted ads across select Companies, Groups, and Job Titles.

It seems like everyone in the business world is on LinkedIn nowadays (with the exception of me unfortunately), so this community and channel makes perfect sense for a B2B company like RapidFire.

There will be an extra emphasis on promoting Dynamic In-Game Advertising, as a lot of advertisers are currently looking for an easy, real-time, and trackable solution for Q1 2013 – all of which Dynamic In-Game Advertising can accommodate for.

To learn more and show some support, give us a follow on LinkedIn!:

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RapidFire Adds Mobile In-Game Advertising to Services List

You may have noticed a new addition under the Services section of our website. This past week we decided to include Mobile In-Game Advertising in our list of services.

In the past, we’ve always offered Mobile In-Game Advertising, however we’ve always grouped it with Dynamic In-Game Advertising. We came to realize though that Mobile In-Game Advertising really deserves to be a listed service of its own. Having it listed on its own, ensures that potential advertisers are aware that we offer this service, and we’re able to include clear video and image examples on the website of Mobile In-Game Advertising in action. We were unable to include videos and screenshots specifically for Mobile In-Game Advertising when it was listed under DIGA, because DIGA examples took precedence.

For those of you that don’t already know, Mobile In-Game Advertising takes the form of overlay banners that drop down in varying intervals in Mobile Games, most likely during menus and loading stages of the game. These overlay ads can be updated in real-time, geo-targeted, and have the ability to drive traffic to websites when clicked-on. The avenues of delivery include games for the Android and Apple iOS (iPod Touch, iPad, etc) devices.

After adding Mobile In-Game Advertising as a separate service, we re-analysed our services, and decided to drop Strategic Sponsorship. Strategic Sponsorship was a service we offered advertisers, in which we would help align their brand with the appropriate video gaming community in the form of sponsorships. We felt that this service took away from our main focus, which is In-Game Advertising.

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Reloaded Unveils New Alternate Logo

We gave a little sneak peak a few blog posts back, but we’re now happy to officially announce our new alternate logo design.

We were in desperate need of a logo that could be placed on lighter coloured backgrounds, especially white backgrounds. As you can see, the logo on our website has white font, so it caused many constraints and simply didn’t work on many backgrounds.

Going forward we’ll be transitioning this logo across many of our materials and properties, such as our media kits, insertion orders, social media accounts, email signatures, etc.

Feel free to give your feedback on our new logo, and let us know what you think!

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